Mother Nurture Yoga and Massage Therapy has been specially created by Lucy Maresh to support women on the path of mothering.

I believe there is no one single experience of pregnancy, birth or mothering. Each of us has a journey to undertake and each of us will experience our own special series of challenges and rewards.

Each of us will experience physical, mental and emotional hurdles as we journey on our separate, but intertwined paths. I wish to offer through Mother Nurture Yoga, a space for your own journey to be recognised and to be felt, or if you like, embodied, in the form of movement, breath and meditative awareness.

Why Mother Nurture?

Thank you so much for your help in the workshop and all your wisdom and support throughout the pregnancy. We both felt very prepared and Roberto’s support was invaluable as he drew upon what he had learned.

Rachael and Roberto, Birth Preparation Workshop

Lucy’s post-natal classes offer a lovely, positive environment for connecting with your child through movement and songs and also for meeting other like-minded mums who are in exactly the same predicament as you! Stanley and I love these classes because, even when things feel fraught and frantic, we come out of the classes feeling happy and relaxed. We have also learned some lovely games, songs and exercises which we like to play at home in addition to meeting some really lovely people. Highly recommended!

Kate T, Postnatal Yoga