Mother Nurture Northumberland

Abdominal Detox Massage

This massage works gradually through the layers of the soft abdomen – treating the skin and any scars, softening fascia, releasing muscle tension, stimulating the gut and the other organs of digestion. The treatment works by inducing deep relaxation and improving flow of blood, lymph and vitality through the major organs of the body.

The abdomen is an area that frequently has problems due to the food and drink we consume, the toxicity we breathe in and the thoughts and feelings we have (ever had a ‘gut feeling’ or a harsh word that went straight to your belly?) Massage of this area can help relieve symptoms of back ache and release postural tension. It will improve your digestion and elimination. It can also help to address emotional issues.

For many women (especially after birth) the belly can feel like a strange and unfamiliar part of our body. This treatment, combined with restorative yoga poses and wrapping techniques is the ultimate in nurture for your belly.

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