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Postnatal Yoga – Intro

Postnatal times can be challenging – we are navigating new territory in our bodies, daily rhythms and lifestyle. I am often asked how long it takes to ‘get back to normal’, but think of this time more as a transformation in to something new – whether its your first baby or fifth, you need to get to know the new woman that stands in your shoes.

Each woman takes her own time.

Everybody has their own experience but issues such as split rectus muscles, pelvic floor weakness, constipation, back pain, wrist pain and exhaustion are all common along with feelings of overwhelm and emotional instability.

I encourage you to work through the following stages of postnatal recovery in your own time.

  1. Nourishment: On all levels, make self-care your first priority – eat well, rest well, enjoy the things you love. Only once you are well-nourished on all levels can you really begin to heal.
  2. Stability: Pay attention to your body’s craving for stable, symmetrical positions (like lying on your back!) – this will help avoid joint pain, back pain and muscle aches. Seriously, 15-20 minutes of lying down every day will make a huge difference, with or without a guided relaxation.
  3. Vitality: the natural consequence of nourishment and stability. It may take some time before you feel truly ‘well’ and full of vital energy. Good food, deep rest, time outdoors and doing things you love all help create feelings of wellbeing.