Mother Nurture Northumberland

Why Mother Nurture

I never presume that we are all the same or to know how anyone else feels, but these are themes I have felt deeply myself and heard in the voices of women I’ve shared my mothering journey with so far.

You may be tired. Pregnant women, postnatal women, and all carers of small children are tired. Even if we have physical help with all the chores, being pregnant takes energy, caring for a newborn takes energy, holding responsibility for other people takes energy. We get used to it, but it’s still there. I wish to offer a yoga class that respects this – to provide challenge for those who are up for it, but to respect that any one of us, on any day, may simply be feeling the deep exhaustion of mothering – and that should be honoured.

You may not want to be touched. As a mother, it may be hard to get alone time. Our kids like to be held and carried and even once they become older more independent they crave our bodies – sometimes they even scratch or bite, or put their hands down our tops, or hold our legs when we are trying to walk, or pull on our fingers until our joints ache. They follow us everywhere – often we can’t even go to the loo in peace. So, if you come to yoga to have a yoga mat sized piece of ground just for your body, I respect that.

You may not want or need a physical challenge. As the mother of small children, every day is a physical challenge. Yoga is as much about nourishing and nurturing your body as it is about finding its limits.  If you come to yoga for some respite, I respect that.

You may not need a mental or emotional challenge. Every day with a baby or child includes these challenges. We can consider our children our ‘gurus’ as they have the ability to always find the perfect way to bring us to our limit, to confront our boundaries, to confront our pent-up emotions. They are the best at that – you don’t need a yoga teacher for that. I wish to offer you a safe space to bring all that and just hold it, or put it down, or breathe with it, or whatever you need.

We are all healing. Many of us have physical wounds from pregnancy or birth. Some of us may have experienced great loss and sadness on our mothering journey. All of us have experienced an emotional transition as we grieve for the woman that was and get to know the new mother in her shoes. I wish to offer a space for that to be held, and the beauty of yoga is that it need not necessarily be spoken, we embody it through movement, breath and meditative awareness.