Resources - Pregnancy


Positive affirmations can be used throughout the day to build confidence and keep self-sabotaging thoughts at bay. You can write them on post-it notes and leave them around your home so they become very familar. Giving the mind positive ideas and images to work can help to overcome the fears and anxieties that are quite normal and natural as you approach birth.

Affirmations are especially powerful when you take them with you into relaxation and meditation. You can repeat your affirmation as you practice Golden Thread breathing.

Affirmations for Pregnancy and Birth

  • All is well.
  • I rest in every breath.
  • I am listening to my own inner wisdom.
  • My body possesses ancient feminine wisdom.
  • I make inner harmony my priority.
  • Breathing in, I am calm. Breathing out, I am peaceful.
  • I already have everything I need, and I already know everything I need to know, to be the perfect mother for this baby.
  • I know that I have everything I need to birth my baby.
  • My contractions cannot be stronger than me, they are me!
  • Every contraction is one closer to meeting my baby.
  • I am relaxed, and enjoy my baby being born.
  • I am prepared for the birth that my body and baby needs.
  • I am thankful my baby can be born safely this way.