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FREE Pregnancy Yoga Resources

My name is Lucy Maresh and I am a mother of two and a yoga teacher in Northumberland, UK.

If you live nearby, I’d love to meet you at one of my Mother Nurture classes. However, the Pregnancy Yoga techniques I am sharing here are all chosen for you to try at home. Just a few minutes every day will make a big difference – a little yoga goes a long way.

We will be covering three main types of yoga practices:

  1. Postures
  2. Breathing
  3. Relaxation

The practice suggestions here will be suitable for most women, but if in any doubt at all you should consult your midwife or a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher local to you.

Always listen your own inner wisdom.

#1 Creating Your Nest
#2 Surya Namaskar for Pregnancy (with video)
#3 Breathing Love to Your Baby
#4 Palm Tree Sequence 
#5 Wall Stretch / The Ladder 
#6 Baby in the Hammock
#7 Baby on the Rollercoaster
#8 Pelvic Scoops / How to Sit
#9 The Pelvic Diamond
#10 Side-Lying Relaxation (with audio)

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