Resources - Pregnancy

Pregnancy Yoga Resources

I have created here a series of articles and videos to help you get the most from your Mother Nurture Classes and to support you in making time for yoga at home.

We will be covering three main types of yoga practices:

  1. Postures
  2. Breathing
  3. Relaxation

The practice suggestions here will be suitable for most women, but if in any doubt at all you should consult your midwife or a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher local to you.

Always listen your own inner wisdom.

Pregnancy Yoga Intro

#1 Creating Your Nest
#2 Surya Namaskar for Pregnancy
#3 Breathing Love to Your Baby
#4 Palm Tree Sequence 
#5 Wall Stretch / The Ladder 
#6 Baby in the Hammock
#7 Baby on the Rollercoaster
#8 Pelvic Scoops / How to Sit
#9 The Pelvic Diamond
#10 Side-Lying Relaxation (with audio)

IG 2018 Pregnancy Yoga - Jo Jo