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Partner Yoga and Massage

Moving Together, Breathing Together, Being Together.

This is a half hour yoga and massage session for you and a partner. It is designed to help you move together, breathe together and trust each other.

It is a sneak preview from my online course. Please feel welcome to enroll for more content to support you in your home yoga practice.



I am hugely grateful to my husband (Henry) for helping me with this video. We filmed it during lockdown so he was my only choice, but it feels important for me to note that your birth partner could be anyone you trust – your mum, a sister or friend. This session is suitable to do with them as well.

You can start at any stage of pregnancy but this is most relevant from 32 weeks when you may start to feel achy or ‘heavy’ and you can turn your mind towards preparing for birth.

This session is suitable wherever, and however, you intend to birth your baby. It will help you to bond with your birth partner and with your baby and allow you all to relax. It is designed to be used once or twice a week during your third trimester. The techniques can also be used during labour, but I recommend practising this video several times before hand so you can be more intuitive and not rely on the video.

The music in this video is by Luc Acke. I am so grateful to him for allowing me to use his song “Purnamadah”, which was also created and produced during the corona virus lockdown.