Mother Nurture Yoga 1:1

1:1 Yoga and Mentoring for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.

The purpose of individual yoga tuition is to support you in developing, maintaining (or re-kindling) a regular home practice.

If you are pregnant, trying to conceive or mothering small children, your home practice needs to include and support this. It may include traditional yoga asana, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, self care massage, and lifestyle guidance based on the philosophy of yoga and the sister science of ayurveda.

  • Fertility and Pre-Conception – focus will be on daily routine,  “womb-friendly” movements, self care massage and establishing a healthy menstrual cycle. Yoga and most especially relaxation can also be helpful in supporting you through IVF.
  • Pregnancy and Birth – there are yoga practices to meet the needs of your changing body at every stage of pregnancy. You are welcome for 1:1 sessions during your first trimester. Many women experience physical discomforts during pregnancy including pelvic pain, constipation, swollen joints and carpal tunnel syndrome, all of which can be managed to some extent with carefully chosen yoga practices. As your due date approaches, I can support you in creating beautiful birth intentions and provide guided relaxations and visualisations tailored to you and your partner.
  • Postpartum – an established home practice of yoga can be of immense support postpartum physically and emotionally.  Babies are always welcome and home practices are given which are realistic and easy to manage alongside babies and children. Many common postnatal challenges are easy to manage and recover from if you know clearly what to work on and how  (e.g. diastasis recti, pelvic pain, incontinence, sciatic pain or prolapse).
  • Loss – support with healing after pregnancy loss or through pregnancy after loss.
  • Mentoring – yoga gives us practices for all levels of our being – body, breath, mind, heart and soul. As well as physical exercises and breathing techniques sometimes our 1:1 sessions might include research, goal setting, discussion or ritual. We will discuss what you need at your first session and review frequently.
  • Massage – self care massage techniques will be shared as relevant to be part of your home practice. I can also offer separate massage sessions and these can be arranged as and when required. I can also offer massage tuition for you and a partner.
  • Teachers – If you are a yoga teacher, 1:1 classes can include support for your practice of teaching yoga and the particular challenge of doing this with a pregnant or postpartum body and the demands and responsibilities of parenting young children.

The sessions are held in the spirit of ‘the viniyoga of yoga’, an approach to the specific application of yoga for individuals developed by TKV Desikachar.  While this approach provides a fairly traditional framework for the sessions, I also bring methods and insights from outside that (predominantly male) tradition. My own practice is hugely informed by the approaches of Tara Fraser (Rolfing), Uma Dinsmore Tuli (Womb Yoga) and Judith Hanson Lasater (Iyengar/Restorative Yoga), all of whom I have studied with for over a decade.

Your home practice, supported by 1:1 tuition and mentoring, can be in addition to group yoga classes with myself or with other teachers. You can also follow the Mother Nurture Online Course to support your home practice.

An initial commitment of three sessions over a period of 3-6 weeks is recommended (weekly or fortnightly).

Online or In Person

As of 4 July I am now able to offer socially distanced 1:1 yoga lessons inside my studio.

I am also continuing to offer these sessions online and in my garden.

For an even more nurturing approach you may prefer to book a Restorative Yoga and Self Care session.

Please use online booking to schedule your first 1:1 yoga session or a free consultation. You can state your preferred way of meeting when you make your booking.

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