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Five daily practices for nurturing yourself during pregnancy

1. Body

Every day move your body in a way that feels delicious! This might be yoga, walking, running, dancing – or something else!  If the exercises or activities you did pre-pregnancy still feel delicious go ahead and carry on doing them. If in doubt, pause and seek some advice, or listen to your own intuition and inner wisdom about what might be suitable for YOUR pregnant body (no two are the same). There may be days when you don’t feel much like moving but you can still treat your body to some restorative yoga, a relaxing foot bath or self care massage (feet, hands and belly are all good areas to focus on).

2. Breath

Every day be aware of your breath. Remember that breathing is automatic and your body already knows how to do it – just like it already knows how to grow and birth a baby. Think of breathing awareness like visiting your own private beach – you can go there as often as you like and simply watch the waves rolling in and out.

3. Mind

Every day make an affirmation – a promise to yourself and your baby. Your affirmation might change over the course of your pregnancy. You can say your affirmation at the start and end of your yoga sessions. You can write or draw your affirmation in your journal. You can write your affirmation on a post-it note and stick it on your mirror, on your desk at work – or on your fridge!

The Mother Nurture Yoga affirmation is “I Am Listening to My Own Inner Wisdom”.

4. Heart

Every day connect with your heart. It might be listening to music that really opens you up, “Breathing Love to Your Baby” or spending time in yoga nidra or deep relaxation to connect with your inner-most wisdom.

5. Soul

Every day do something you love – be it singing, dancing, walking, swimming, baking, reading, writing, drawing or something really weird and wonderful. 

If it brings you joy, do it!