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Yoga for You and Your Baby

Yoga and wellbeing for women and babies 0 – 12 months, online or in Shilbottle (near Alnwick) Northumberland.

“During lockdown, I was so grateful the classes were available online. They helped during pregnancy, during the recovery after birth and to bond with my baby.”

Rebecca, 2020

These unique classes combine gentle postpartum recovery exercise for new mums with songs, massages and movements for the babies. Postnatal Yoga is healing from within and includes breathing exercises, pelvic movements, postural awareness and lifting/carrying techniques as well as relaxation with your baby. Baby massage and yoga are woven into the class so you and your baby can both be soothed and restored.

Lockdown Mothers Meetings

Babies aged 0-4 months – Wednesdays 11.00-12.00
– five weeks starting 13 January – Fully Booked

Babies aged 4-12 months – Fridays 11.00-12.00
– five weeks starting 15 January – Book Here

While we are in lockdown again these classes are taking place online via zoom. Join Lucy for a small online gathering with other mums and babes of a similar age. Each session will include a sharing circle and a ‘Yoga for You and Your Baby’ practice which will be recorded so you can enjoy live or later in the day. Keep in touch through the week with a WhatsApp group where Lucy will share short videos and relevant links.

“The classes were easy to follow and could be viewed at a later time so if baby was sleeping/feeding/ in a terrible mood you had something to do later in the day.”

Justine, 2020

As restrictions ease, opportunities to meet up in person will be created – it is very hard to second guess when and what will be possible but previously we have had meets at the beach, in the park and in person classes (socially distanced) at Shilbottle Community Hall.

Five week course – £25 – Includes

  • Five online meetings via zoom
  • WhatsApp group for connection and support
  • Access to pre-recorded online course for home practice
  • Opportunities to meet outdoors for social walks with other participants*
  • £15 Discount on 1:1 yoga and massage.*

*subject to covid restrictions

“I really enjoyed the online sessions and liked the fact we got to know each other and start making connections.”

Julie, 2020

Yoga for You and Your Baby – Sample Practice

For babies age 0-6 months
16 minutes of simple yoga for calming down and easing lower back pain.
The practice is gentle and suitable from about six weeks postpartum onwards, sooner if done with care. The class includes constructive rest, bridge pose, two soothing twists and knees-to-chest pose. For your baby we sing a soothing lullaby and take them on a flying trip to the Isles of Man, Skye and Mull.

Yoga for You and Your Baby Weekend Retreats

Postpartum Yoga, Postpartum Massage, Baby Yoga and Baby Massage can all be part of a Mother Nurture retreat package at A Space to Be Yoga Retreat.

If you would like a free informal chat with Lucy before making a booking you can schedule an appointment.