Mother Nurture Northumberland

Five Bodies

This model of what it is to be human comes from the Taittiriya Upanisad, and is a helpful way to understand what a 'nourishing' yoga practice might look like and what a holistic balanced lifestyle might include.

To feel healthy and well we must take care of our nourishment at all of these levels. As Mums we are also responsible for nourishing our children at all of these levels and helping them learn over time to nourish themselves. 

Mother Nurture Northumberland

Hit the gym with your baby!

I don't mean the treadmill - how about you and your baby hit the baby gym together? Even just 2-3 minutes of lying down on your back and breathing deeply can really help to relieve postpartum back pain, soothe anxiety and encourage swift healing from the inside out. Here's a twenty minute video to give… Continue reading Hit the gym with your baby!