Lucy and her baby May 2019
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Why I Never Went Back to Normal

I'm still practicing and teaching many of the things I learned during my first pregnancy and the postnatal recovery time that followed. Have I ever gone back to 'normal yoga'? Well, no, because frankly I have never gone back to 'normal' (whatever that means) and also, I discovered something exciting about my body in the process of having a baby - it's FEMALE!

Resources - Postnatal

The Life-Long Love Your Abs Challenge

Here's some inspiration and information about abdominal exercises for those of us with  children - in summary: "yes" to plank and "no" to sit-ups. Our cultural obsession with flat bellies has generated very many misguided exercise programmes for women – even in the yoga world. Many exercise systems in use today, including most styles of… Continue reading The Life-Long Love Your Abs Challenge