Pregnancy is a great time for getting to know yourself better – physically, mentally and emotionally – and that is what yoga is all about.

Lucy is an experienced pregnancy yoga teacher and massage therapist who can support you from pre-conception through to postnatal recovery with physical exercise, postural advice, breathing awareness, relaxation and meditation, preparation for labour, postpartum healing and holistic therapies.

Group Classes

Mother Nurture Yoga classes on Saturday mornings provide an opportunity for deep relaxation and baby bonding as well as gentle yoga movements for improved circulation, pelvic stability and comfort during pregnancy and beyond. Importantly, you will learn how to care for yourself postnatally as well and be part of a supportive community of fellow mothers.  You are welcome to stay after class for tea and conversation.

Partners are welcome to attend our monthly relaxation evenings and a one-off Preparing for Birth workshop as your due date approaches.

Private classes and Treatments

1:1 sessions or private classes for you and your partner are available as well as massage treatments with Lucy. Please get in touch.