Pregnancy Yoga Registration Form

Mother Nurture classes are designed with beginners in mind and are created to help you learn about your body and connect with your baby. They are accessible for most healthy women but it is important that you let me know about any issues that might affect you during your pregnancy. Completing this form helps me to ensure the safety of everyone in class and plan classes appropriately so that everyone can enjoy them.

If you have any underlying conditions or old injuries or surgeries that might be relevant you can mention those as well in the text box for ‘any other relevant info’ at the end.

Please keep me updated as your pregnancy progresses should anything change.

I make myself available at the end of real life classes should anyone wish to chat 1:1. Since this is not so easy via zoom if you are attending an online class or workshop I welcome you to call or email if you have any specific or personal queries.

Many thanks,

Lucy x

It is common during pregnancy to experience a range of uncomfortable symptoms or changes in your body. Some people are hardly affected at all, other seem to get everything. Most are not serious and can be relieved with specific exercises or relaxation techniques. Please use the check-boxes below to let me know if you have any of the following ‘pregnancy afflictions’. You can give more details or let me know about any other issue affecting your pregnancy in the text box at the end.