Preparing for Birth with Yoga

A series of two workshops, each lasting two hours, for pregnant women and their birth partner/supporter. Ideally the workshop 1 would be taken at around 32 weeks pregnant and workshop 2 at around 36 weeks. However, they can be also be taken together as a one day or weekend retreat.

Mother Nurture Northumberland, yoga

Mother Nurture Monthly Park Meet

Monthly outdoor yoga meet for women and babies, in and around Alnwick. First Wednesday of every month, 10.30am*, free. *if the group gets big we split into two and do 10am and 11am The session includes 30-45 minutes of simple standing yoga that can be enjoyed while pregnant, baby wearing or with babies in prams.… Continue reading Mother Nurture Monthly Park Meet

Mother Nurture Northumberland, yoga

Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Sunday morning yoga and wellbeing for women who are pregnant or have recently been pregnant. The classes include relaxation, meditation and simple, flowing yoga sequences. They are non-competitive and suitable for any level of yoga practice and experience including complete beginners. It is suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy right through until the birth of your baby and beyond.

Mother Nurture Northumberland, yoga

Yoga for You and Your Baby

Yoga and wellbeing for women and babies aged 6 weeks to 6 months, online or in Shilbottle (near Alnwick) Northumberland. These unique classes combine gentle postpartum recovery exercise for new mums with songs, massages and movements for the babies. Postnatal Yoga is healing from within and includes breathing exercises, pelvic movements, postural awareness and lifting/carrying techniques as well as relaxation with your baby. Baby massage and yoga are woven into the class so you and your baby can both be soothed and restored.