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Hit the gym with your baby!

I don't mean the treadmill - how about you and your baby hit the baby gym together? Even just 2-3 minutes of lying down on your back and breathing deeply can really help to relieve postpartum back pain, soothe anxiety and encourage swift healing from the inside out. Here's a twenty minute video to give… Continue reading Hit the gym with your baby!

Resources - Pregnancy

Pregnancy Yoga Resources

I have created here a series of articles and videos to help you get the most from your Mother Nurture Classes and to support you in making time for yoga at home. We will be covering three main types of yoga practices: Postures Breathing Relaxation The practice suggestions here will be suitable for most women,… Continue reading Pregnancy Yoga Resources

Resources - Pregnancy

#1 Creating Your Nest

Creating Your Nest All you need to get started with pregnancy yoga at home is space for your mat. You don't even need to have a mat yet - just set aside the space and start planning what will go in to it. Ideally your nest needs to be somewhere you can go where you… Continue reading #1 Creating Your Nest