Jo Jo, Mother Nurture Yoga

I cannot recommend Lucy’s pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes enough. As a first time Mum they were an amazing place to go and learn about all the changes, physically and emotionally, that were happening to me. Learning to relax and using her yoga nidras prepared me for labour and enabled me to deliver at a midwife led unit with no pain relief. It was also a great place to make friends with other Mums to be. Her postnatal classes provided a safe, supportive space to gain wisdom from other Mum’s and some of my best Mum friends were made there. My toddler still sings the songs and often reminds me that Lucy tells us to ‘kiss your feet everyday’. As a second time Mum it gave me some space, time to connect with my baby, and allowed me to prepare myself mentally for labour. I really do think attending Lucy’s classes and listening to her advice and words of wisdom about our ability to birth babies, using breathing techniques and yoga nidra really did get me through a three day labour and safe delivery of 9lb 9oz baby in a mid wife led unit with no pain relief. It’s amazing what your body is capable of if you put your mind to it. I’ve also had massages from Lucy in both my pregnancies and would really recommend them. They are so much better than any massage I have ever had at a spa. If you are trying to conceive, pregnant, or have a baby or toddler I would really encourage you to get in touch with Lucy as she has so much to offer.