Yoga for You

Sundays 11.15am-12.30pm followed by light lunch, tea and chat.

Current Course (Four Weeks): 23 Feb. 1, 18 & 15 March.
Next Course (Six Weeks): 12, 19 & 26 April. 3, 17 & 24 May.

Course Price: £30/4 weeks £37.50/5 weeks £45/6 weeks – book by email
Individual Class Price: £10 – book online
Your first class is free (complete form below) and you can start at any time during the course.

The class includes relaxation, meditation and flowing yoga sequences suitable for any level of practice and experience. A light lunch and cup of tea is included.

The class runs in blocks of six, addressing the following themes:

  1. Rest and Relaxation – How and Why
  2. The ‘Pelvic Diamond’ (aka pelvic floor)
  3. Postural Awareness and ‘Normal’ Curves
  4. Releasing tension from the head, neck and shoulders
  5. Abdominal strength, balance and self care.
  6. Finding (and freeing) Your Feet

It is interesting to encounter each theme at different stages of your mothering journey – pre-conception/first trimester, second trimester, third trimester, ‘fourth trimester’ (postpartum) and beyond. Variations are given for individuals whilst holding space for the shared experience of growing into motherhood.

Individual classes cost £10 and can be booked online.

You block book a course of four-six classes for a discounted rate of £7.50 per class.

Either way, your first class ‘Mother Nurture’ class is completely free of charge. Please complete the form below to receive your free class voucher.